Additional Features

All our wigs can be dyed to your desired color and bleached for a perfect look of hair growing from the scalp.

Made from premium quality, ethically sourced hair that is non-shedding. The wig can be reused multiple times, for several years with proper care.

Wig care instructions (easy wash steps)


  1. Wash once-twice monthly.
  2. Gently de tangle your curly hair with your fingers. De tangle straight and wavy hair with fingers or a wide-toothed comb.
  3. Soak in basin or lukewarm running water. Ensure water runs in same direction as wig.
  4. Shampoo gently, avoid using force as scrunching the hair could ruin curls and waves. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. Apply conditioner and rinse thoroughly - Let the water do its job!
  6. Dab with clean towels to remove excess water (microfiber towel recommended).
  7. For straight hair, hang on a wig stand or lay flat to dry. For curly or wavy hair, lay flat to dry. 
  8. After the wig is completely dry, store in your satin bag to avoid contact with dust - until your next use.

Do not's        

  1. It is not recommended to hang curly and wavy wigs when wet as the weight of wet hair could loosen the curls or straighten the waves.
  2. Avoid using a fine comb as it may ruin the style.
  3. Do not use blow dryer, heat could damage your hair. Let the wig dry on its own.                             
Wig installation
  1. Prepare your own hair and make sure it's as flat as possible. The flatter the hair the better it will look.
  2.  Put on the stocking cap provided to you in your package. Adjust cap so it barely covers your hairline and make sure your hair is properly tucked in.
  3. Test the fit of your wig; you need to ensure the wig fits properly before you apply any glue or tape. Place the wig on your head in alignment with your natural hairline to test for perfect fitting along your hairline and then place wig aside. If you need to remember how the wig fits on your hairline, you could use a liner to mark tiny dots mimicking your hairline.
  4. Apply glue, adhesive or tape  of choice along the edges of your wig cap, avoid getting glue on your natural hair. Allow glue or adhesive to dry a little before placing your wig on.
  5. Carefully put the wig on the wig cap you are wearing. Properly adjust the edges of the hairline and ensure it fits perfectly before pressing against glue or tape.
  6. Trim any extra lace.
  7. Style your hair as desired!